Creativity embodies my life and soul, giving me the opportunity to display our uniqueness as products and recipients of God’s creation. People fascinate me. Despite our uniqueness and differences, we have solidarity with one another when we can find and keep it. Our connections with others give hope, validity, and strength; our experiences impart dimension and integrity.
I love Americana, and created the “Art that brings you home” concept to unite us in our experiences of home, nostalgia, and roots. I constantly strive to illuminate the breadth and depth of what makes America great — freedom, hope, diversity, etc. The art exudes my  “old soul” which cannot be contained.   I am particularly inspired by music of the mid-20th century.
Experiencing art goes beyond the objects displayed in the painting or drawing; your imagination creates your reality of what you see.
Let your imagination soar with the art that brings you home.


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